Mer-Veille's beautiful journey begins in the marine, where the healing power awaits our gradual exploration. As Hong Kong's first skincare brand that combines marine and scientific research, we infuse the energy of marine skincare into our products using MV-Bio™ Marine Skincare Biotechnology, along with exquisite scientific skincare ingredients. We believe that your confidence shines through when your skin is in its natural state, and moderate skincare can repair and promote the release of the skin's self-renewal powers. We place great importance on the ingredients in our skincare products, deeply understanding the characteristics of various ingredients. With a dedicated focus on skincare science, we create effective, natural, and skin-friendly restorative solutions, allowing you to embark on your skincare journey with Mer-Veille without any worries.


Tailored to the characteristics of different marine organisms, we have developed extraction methods that preserve the active ingredients of the marine. By carefully controlling temperature, humidity, and employing various decomposition processes, we unlock the purest and most effective marine energy.

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