Hello!👋🏻 I'm Lavinia, co-founder of Mer-Veille. I've struggled with facial problems for eight years, which has led to ongoing appearance anxiety. I don't have a perfectly fit body and I have a bit of a belly. I often doubt myself and compare myself to others, feeling inadequate in various aspects.

When I lack confidence and become introverted and shy, I worry about what others might say about me. When I try to release negative energy, I don't want to hear positive comments like "it's just a small matter" or "don't think that way." When I'm serious and focused on my work, people ask why I'm not smiling.🤷🏻 (People who naturally have a serious face surely understand! 🌚)!

There is an overwhelming amount of information on social media, too much comparison, and too many opinions. It often leads us to overly focus on how others perceive us. Sometimes, we sink deeper into self-doubt, lose our confidence, and become confused, neglecting our own feelings.

Each day, we deal with different tasks, encounter various people, and absorb a massive amount of information, so we always have different feelings and up and down states. Whether positive or negative, happy or unhappy, they are all your feelings, the real feelings that appear in your heart, and the feelings that are most worthy of your attention.

Perhaps today, you wake up feeling anxious about your appearance, and tomorrow you envy someone else's good looks and figure. The day after tomorrow, you worry about your performance at work, and the day after that, you reflect on not achieving the same level of success as others.

But what I want to say is, it's okay. It's totally okay. Your daily experiences, thoughts, and feelings shape and change you, creating a unique individual. We don't need to be perfect, pursue zero pore white skin, constantly seek to please others, or always strive for 100%. What we need to do is love ourselves, take care of our own feelings, and walk our own unique path. How amazing, attractive, special, and wonderful you are is something only you truly know.😉~ (Of course, you can also shout it out to the whole world!)

Learn to accept your flaws, try to understand yourself better, and focus on yourself. You will appreciate yourself more.

You are just wonderful as you are.💕

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