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Marine Skincare Products

Ocean Wonder, Skin Wonder

Renewal power from the ocean

Mer-Veille's beauty journey begins in the marine. We infuse our unique MV-Bio™ Sea Cucumber Extract, MV-Bio™ Durvillaea antarctica Algae Extract, and Nacre Extract into our products to create a natural and effective marine skincare solution for your skin.

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Use the MV Daily Essential Repair Set to repair the skin barrier and strengthen the skin's natural defense and moisture-lock ability. It can improve problems such as sensitive redness, acne, dryness and peeling, and keep the skin moist and healthy.

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Customer-adored & effective

What do our customers say?

⭐️ Customer Stephiee 8. loves our products! "Really good. My skin looked hydrated, and plump the next day. Great for the weather in HK. Highly recommend! Will try other products!"

⭐️ Customer Kiuchi94 loves our products! "Those produces are very useful for keeping the skin smooth, no matter the mask or the serum. The mask is full of essence, it keeps your skin moisture in whole process. No extra flavour, perfect to those girls who need to cope with the weather changing and sensitive skin. It is perfect for me to use it day by day."



Our 5 Promises

Defense & Revitalize

Cellular repair and collagen regeneration


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