The Beginning of Mer-Veille

The brand name is derived from the French word "Merveille," meaning wonder, miracle. The "Mer-" means marine.

The vast expanse of this blue marine is the source of all life. Driven by the curiosity of scientists, we sought answers in nature to improve the skin and discovered that the active ingredients found in various marine organisms closely resemble those of human skin. Inspired by this extraordinary gift from nature, we extended it to skincare. With dedication to top scientific research and a commitment to the Clean Beauty concept, we carefully produced a range of marine-inspired skincare products that soothe the skin.

Ocean Wonder, Skin Wonder
Let Mer-Veille take you on a journey to experience the miraculous power of the marine.


Simplify Skincare, Unveiling Natural Beauty and Confidence

We believe that natural skin best showcases every woman's beauty. Therefore, we prioritize the ingredients in our skincare products and promise never to include substances that are harmful or burdensome to the skin, such as Parabens, Mineral Oils, Artificial Colorants, Fragrances, and Phthalates.

Mer-Veille's products are specifically designed to repair skin and promote the skin's innate power of self-renewal. We also provide complete ingredient lists for each product, allowing you to have a comprehensive understanding of the product details and use them without any worries.

Ocean and US

Preserve the beauty of the marine

As Hong Kong's pioneering skincare brand integrating marine research, Mer-Veille relies on the precious resources bestowed by the ocean. However, we are fully aware that we cannot take from it without giving back. Therefore, our brand is committed to a marine-friendly product policy, and we pledge to promote marine and environmental conservation, and endeavor to give back to nature and preserve the vibrant beauty of the marine.


Our Mission and Goals

We incorporate natural marine ingredients into our formulas, aiming to become a leading skincare brand that is based on the marine. We are dedicated to continuously researching and developing skincare products infused with marine elements, with the goal of allowing everyone to experience the natural healing power of the marine.

Rejuvenate Your Natural Healthy Skin

Rejuvenate Your Natural Healthy Skin

We offer natural, safe, and effective skincare products that allow you to address skin concerns from the root, reshape healthy and radiant skin, and appreciate the beauty of your natural skin.

Protecting the Marine and the Environment

Protecting the Marine and the Environment

Our products are made with the use of marine friendly ingredients as a priority, avoiding using any ingredients that are harmful to coral reefs or other marine organisms. We also strive to minimize excessive packaging and aim for 100% recyclable packaging, practicing skincare while safeguarding the marine and the environment.

Practicing Marine Conservation

Practicing Marine Conservation

We are committed to promoting marine and environmental conservation and pledge to regularly participate in charity events or make donations related to marine conservation. In the future, we also aspire to establish the Merveille Ocean Wonder Marine Conservation Foundation to support global marine conservation research and related projects.


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